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What you seek is seeking you
— Rumi

Do you need time to think outside the box, press pause or simply clarify your thinking? Are you looking for something different? Do you want to change your life? 

We all experience turning points; it can be tricky finding a way forward and we become paralysed by choices and decisions. Sometimes It prevents us trying at all and we stay stuck for years. 

Coaching cuts to the chase. It creates space so you can consider what you want, break it down into realistic, manageable steps and work towards success. It is empowering, inspiring and enlightening. 

You are guided, using careful questioning, to understand what you want. You will explore where you are currently and what you need to do to move closer to where you want to be. This involves generating your own options and taking action.

Coaching is not giving advice or counselling. It is present and future focused and encourages you to move forward. The coach may help you to understand what stands in your way by challenging limiting beliefs and developing alternative, helpful thought patterns.

What is a goal?

Whatever you want it to be. Perhaps you want to feel more confident or try new things. Maybe you want to challenge self-doubt, procrastination or perfectionism and beat them once and for all.