“Our aspirations are our possibilities”
— Dr Samuel Johnson

SC - January 2019

I’ve made significant progress……”

Rachel was incredibly perceptive. Using intelligent questioning and reflection techniques, she helped me identify patterns of thinking and behaviour that were holding me back. I have better self awareness in these areas and have made significant progress towards achieving my goals. Thank you Rachel!

LD - January 2018

"One of my best life decisions"

This process was definitely one of the hardest things I've had to do. Old ways of thinking get challenged and you have to really be truthful with yourself as to what you want your life to look like and how you are going to get there.

I had about a million goals and never thought I was good enough or doing enough. Rachel helped me to prioritise these goals and look at what was achievable.

I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough. Life coaching has helped me in so many ways. Take this journey with Rachel and you won't look back.


JH - October 2015

"reawakened the positive aspects of my life"

Rachel has re-awakened the positive aspects of my life, which were overwhelmed by a series of bereavements over a period of years. Her astute questions and sensitive listening ear helped me to realise that I could achieve new goals, make a positive contribution and move forward alone without being lonely.

I have tackled the issues that arose from our conversations and now have much more confidence and higher self-esteem. I set myself an initial goal to lose weight; this has been extremely successful and in the process, I have made some new friends. I am more assured and can now leave home for a night or two without suffering from anxiety. A short holiday is the next step.

Thank you, Rachel. You helped to open some doors that had closed in my mind and you gave me the support to change what I could and accept the rest with a glad heart.

Thinking outside the box really does work and Rachel will help you to do it.

SS - February 2015 

 "the process has been life changing"

I have found coaching to be a valuable and empowering experience.

Rachel was excellent at encouraging me to think things through in a logical manner and enabled me to break things down into small steps so issues seemed more manageable and there were positive results from very early on.

Rachel enabled me to realise I had the ability to change my life and with her guidance and direction through questioning, has had a huge impact on me. The process has been life changing in that I now deal with things very differently. It has given me the confidence to handle major life events with a completely different approach. I feel more positive in every aspect of my life and that I have taken control of it again.

RF - January 2015

"I got that job!"

I decided to work with Rachel with the singular goal of gaining more clarity about my career. At the time I was undecided about my choice of career and also its direction.

My sessions with Rachel hugely helped me to clarify what I wanted, not only from my career but also my life and how the two are interwoven. At the end of the third session I had created for myself a clear set of action points and goals, both short and long term.

At the end of the fourth session I had decided on the job I wanted to take as a next step. Only a few weeks later, I got that job! I'm hugely grateful to Rachel for her support, encouragement, patience, understanding and, above all, listening.